In an era of technology, it is very important to have a website of your own for your company. It gives your business a certain sense of credibility and unlimited access to customers as well. This user-friendliness and profitability can only be experienced if you manage to create the right type of online platform. In order to do that, make sure that you avoid the following mistakes during the process of creation.

Oversized Home Page Pictures
It definitely is important to make your homepage really attractive since it is responsible for creating positive first impressions. However, a big picture that covers the entire screen does not make your homepage attractive. Remember that this page is all you get to impress your customer to visit the rest of the pages. So, instead of filling it with a giant image, add some information about the company, customer benefits and maybe a video or two. This can make your homepage definitely productive.

Sounding Fake
This is a mistake that most entrepreneurs and small business owners make in their web design company Pattaya. Giving false hope to customers and sounding too desperate can make your organization look unappealing at the first glance. You have to take the tone of a professional marketer. One technique you can use in this case is to speak in first person. This will help you to connect your writing and content of the message to your purpose.

If you think that using big, professional words can impress your customers – You are wrong! Using unfamiliar words will only confuse your customers – especially the beginners and newcomers. Even if an interested party visits your website, he/she might back out due to use of corporate buzzwords. So, make sure that your messages are direct and simple in the online marketing services. Use plain English since it will be easier for all the customers.

Having a popup ad in a page causes no harm. However, never include too many of them, regardless of the profits it brings you. Some people not only include commercial adverts, but also include popups such as ‘Read our latest posts’, ‘Like us on Facebook’, etc. These can become quite inconvenient for the customer and drive them up the wall. Even if the customer was initially interested in making a purchase, such disturbances can encourage them not to due to poor virtual customer service. So, make sure to avoid the above mentioned mistakes from your corporate website at all costs for the benefit of your company and for the benefit of your customers.